Opinions on all aspects of tax and trusts law

Tax laws can be complicated and difficult to understand and apply. Getting the tax aspects of a transaction wrong can lead to considerable additional cost, including the possibility of penalties. Sometimes advisers who are dealing directly with a transaction can be too close to it and an independent eye is beneficial, so that you can be more certain about expected tax outcomes. Very often counsel's opinion taken at the time of a transaction will show that you have considered your tax position responsibly and may therefore reduce the risk of penalties if, despite that opinion, your position is not considered by Inland Revenue to be correct.

Geoff Clews is regularly instructed to provide counsel's opinion on the tax aspects of transactions affecting land, commercial and corporate interests, financial and investment structures, employee remuneration, debt recovery and on matters such as tax residence the risks of tax avoidance. His approach is careful and conservative, designed to ensure that you receive a reasoned and realistic assessment of the issue in question, before deciding whether or not to proceed.

Geoff is also expert in the law of trusts and able to provide opinions dealing with the interpretation of complex trust instruments, the obligations of trustees and the rights of beneficiaries, whether in the context of family settlements, disputes or litigation.    

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