Pro Bono Policy

Pro Bono comes from the latin phrase pro bono publico, meaning "for the public good." Most lawyers strive to ensure that their services can be available for the public good when that is needed.

Sometimes community groups get into trouble with Inland Revenue. If they are trading, such as providing child-care or similar services for a fee, or allowing access to facilities for rent, they may be liable for GST and, if they are not set up as a charity, for income tax. Not every organisation is well managed and sometimes such liabilities can fall into arrears. That in turn can lead Inland Revenue to investigate what the group has been doing, all of which can be stressful and costly. Not all community groups are managed knowledgeably or have access to good advice and representation. 

Each year I plan for my practice to be able to assist three such groups in their dealings with Inland Revenue, either by acting without a fee or by limiting my fee to concessionary or reduced rates.

To be considered for this assistance, please:
  • Apply by email using the contact page on this website.
  • Provide information about the tax issue your organisation faces, including all correspondence you have had with Inland Revenue.
  • Explain your organisation's financial position, including providing its accounts for the most recent 3 years.
  • State why you consider your organisation should receive support under this policy; and
  • State what you would like me to do to assist your organisation.

Once I have all this information, and any more that I request, I will assess how your case might fit within the allowance I have made for pro bono work. The final decision whether or not to offer your organisation pro bono or concessionary terms is mine and this policy is not a representation that any given application will be accepted. 

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